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storm warning


... with a changed world order and conditions in life; when i look back, i see the world that we’ve cracked history disappears in time!

the goodwill


that’s the goodwill tell them all intolerance starts to fall that’s the goodwill of all pool your force to tear down walls.

heavy clouds

... you’re ugly, you’re grey and you spit out rain or snow, people just love me, ‘cause I’ve got „the glow” ...


... you ruined our “you and me”, 'cause “you” means you and “me” is dead – that’s all I feel ...



it’s more than anyone else know, a small glance, a shiny glow, icons of our hearts and souls, believe in me!



i thought that our love last forever; you torn away and starfed my endavours; i know you’re cold, breaking my heart and destroying my soul.


... different people, different types, what you see is what you get still in your mind; look behind the walls see more than outlines; no one is a perfect man, neither you nor i ...


... digging downwards and darkness covers me too, i’m not sure if i am able to save you; i’m coming nearer to this hell you call home, i’m ready to fight against deamons, monsters or trolls ...

concrete rhyme

... heads are banging, and they shake their bones too; the beat is fast, music loud and the sound crude; [bridge] and they jump, start pogo dancing, all have fun, no one’s angry ...